"Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God."  Romans 15:7

Mt. Zion is a friendly and loving congregation, which includes members of all ages and backgrounds.  

The Church was established to fulfill the Great Commission of reaching the lost through Evangelism, and teaching the saved through Discipleship. 

Our Church is headed by Jesus Christ who showed us how to evangelize and teach, who by His life and instructions pointed us to the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of Christianity, and who summarized His teaching in two laws: TO LOVE GOD AND TO LOVE OTHERS.

Our Church has been given the opportunity to direct our attention and activities, upward through worship of God, outward through evangelism, and inward through teaching and burden bearing.

We invite you to attend our services and we pray you will enjoy the fellowship as well as learn and grow into a richer steward for Christ.


Sunday School

Weekly Midweek Service/Bible Study

Bible Study Wednesday  November 3, 2021

We will be studying:  John 17

  October 2021  
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